Ruixuan Li


Professor, Director


Intelligent and Distributed Computing Laboratory

School of Computer Science and Technology

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Wuhan, Hubei 430074, P.R.China


Office: Room 442, South No.1 Building

Phone: +86-27-8754 4285   Fax: +86-27-8754 5004




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What's New

Affiliate Professor: An Honorary Academic Appointment

An honorary academic appointment as an Affiliate Professor is offered by Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering at Concordia University, beginning Jan. 2017 and ending Dec. 2019.

Grant: The Research was Supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China

The research, Fundamental Theory of Big Data Security and Privacy Protection, was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China, beginning Jul. 2016 and ending Jun. 2021.

Grant: The Current Research is Supported by NSFC

The current research, Privacy Protection and Security Insurance in Mobile Cloud Services, is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), beginning Jan. 2015 and ending Dec. 2018.

Dragon Star Course: Big Data Storage, Management and Analysis in Distributed Systems

The Dragon Star course Big Data Storage, Management and Analysis in Distributed Systems instructed by Prof. Xiaodong Zhang was scheduled at HUST during 30 July - 3 August 2012.

List of Important Conferences (IDC Lab)

IDC Lab recognized list of important conferences, briefly Top-120 list of IDC lab.

Computer Science Conference & Journal Rankings

Computer Science Conference Rankings and Computer Science Journal Rankings (collected from Internet, only for reference, not accurate, complete, official).

Call for Papers: Conferences on Distributed Systems

Some of the CFPs of upcoming conferences on distributed systems, peer-to-peer computing, parallel processing, Internet computing, data management, web services and system security can be found here.

Research Interests

Research Grants and Projects

Research Grants

The current research was supported by the following grants and funding. More grants can be found here.

Research Projects

More projects can be found in Intelligent and Distributed Computing (IDC) Laboratory.



Selected Journal Publications

Selected Conference Publications

Full publication list can be found here.

Presentations and Talks


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Current Ph.D. Candidates

  • Hongmu Han, Zhengyuan Xue, Changzheng Liu, Junwei Tang, Qi Yang, Ronghua Zhang, Wenlong Tian, Haozhao Wang, Shuixiang Li

Current M.S. Students

  • Jingjing Li, Yiwei Huang, Fengling Huang, Lipeng Zhou, Xiaoqing Xiong, Zhen Zhang, Deshun Dai, Jiazhen Liu, Mengting Xiong, Huikang Cao, Jing Zhang, Chengyi Peng

Graduated Ph.D.s

  • Xiaolin Sun (2007): Research on Type-2 Fuzzy Description Logics and Its Application (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Wei Song (2008): Research on Efficient Resource Sharing under the Environment of Peer-to-Peer Network (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Zhuo Tang (2008): Research on Risk-Based Access Control for Multi-Domain Interoperation (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Guangcan Yu (2008): Research on Access Control Model in Collaborative Environments (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Cuihua Zuo (2009): Research on Reliability and Security in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Jianfeng Lu (2010): Optimization Method on Safety and Utility for Access Control Policies (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Jinwei Hu (2010): The Study of Multi-domain Authorization Management and Authorization Provenance (co-advised with Zhengding Lu and Yan Zhang)

  • Guoqiang Gao (2011): Research on Distributed Cache Strategies in Peer-to-Peer Networks (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Yan'an Jin (2011): Research on Technologies and Methods of Tag Recommendation (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Xiaopu Ma (2011): Research on Role and Constraint Discovery in Role Engineering (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Liang Huang (2012): Algorithms of Community Detection and Link Prediction in Social Networks (co-advised with Zhengding Lu)

  • Dongsheng Duan (2013): Research on Community Detection and Topic Modeling Technologies in Social Networks (co-advised with Yuhua Li)

  • Heng He (2013): Research on Security Control Mechanisms of Peer-to-Peer Cloud Storage Service Systems

  • Khaled M Banafaa (2014): Skyline Queries in Peer-to-peer Systems

  • Wei Ye (2014): Role Mining and Logic Programming in Access Control

  • Mohamed Hazber (2016): Research on Transformation and Querying for Integrating Relational Database with Semantic Web

  • Xinhua Dong (2016): Performance Optimization and Function Enhancement of Distributed System for Big Data Processing

More information about current and graduated students can be found here.

Professional Activities

Biographical Information

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